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Jennifer Gowan - Instructor
  Kim White - Band Director

Enter the Games - 2012

Winterguard Main Page Image

One of the first questions that is usually asked a winterguard member is...what is winterguard. A simple answer would be that winterguard is colorguard without the band. However a more detailed and precise answer would be a competitive sport that combines music, dance, rifle, sabre, flag, and props into a theatrical production.  Performers practice hours to achieve precision and perfection for a mere 4 minutes of performance.


Similar to winterguards throughout the region, the Grainger High Winterguard Team has been both competing and perfecting their 2012 show since practice began in November.  The 2012 winterguard show is entitled "Enter the Games." The show itself is based on the extremely popular Hunger Games book series.  The show begins with a one on one confrontation in a very dramatic dance duet. Then the show intensifies with the introduction of the rifle line, highlighting the musical percussive undertones.  At the height of the percussive build, the show takes a dramatic turn led by a single solo flag transiting through to a critical element of the Hunger Games- defiance of the Capital itself.  Soon more flags join this build creating yet another dynamic impact which leds to the final critical confrontation between two opposing tributes. Will the these two tributes succumb to the will of the Capital... or will they refuse to be more than just a piece in their games?  Come and support the GHS winterguard and see the dramatic results!