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GHS Tournament Rules



1. Participants Eligibility:
Participation in each tournament is open to members of the GHS Bass Club and in good standing with the TBF Youth Club. And sign the liability waiver form before participate any tournaments.

2. Citations:
A contestant cited by officers for violation of State or Federal fishing or boating regulations will be disqualified.

3. Tackle and Equipment:
All fish must be caught in a legal sporting manner. Intentional snagging of fish will not be allowed. Only artificial lures can be used. Liquid fish attractants are allowed. Only one (1) rod may be used at any one time. Other rods may be in the boat and ready for use, however, every cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is made.

5. Fishing:
All boats must have no less or more than two (2) participants and (1) Boat Captain. Unless approved by sponsor


6. Sportsmanship:
All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any team who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or any state or local laws or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified.

7. Encroachment:
A "50 yard rule" is in effect at all times during competition. No contestant's boat may move within 50 yards of another contestant's boat at any time for the purpose of fishing without the consent of all contestants' involved. A boat moving from one area to another may infringe upon this zone as long and the parties that are moving do not fish and do not intentionally disrupt the area. Judging distance is very difficult on the water. As a general rule of sportsmanship all anglers should give all others enough room to make a reasonable cast to fish an area.

8. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs:
At no time during tournament hours are alcoholic beverages or drugs other than prescription allowed.

9. Protest:
All protest must be submitted in writing before the tournament officials close the scales.





10. Individual Scoring:
Only black bass can be scored. Each individual may weigh in five (5) fish per day with NONE less than 12 inches in length, measured on a flat board, used by the weight committee, with the mouth closed and tail compressed. State lake size limits will be enforced. If anyone brings in more than five (5) bass, the largest bass will be rejected and faced a 4 oz. penalty. Dead bass will be 4 oz. penalty. Tournament standings will be determined by the total weight for the competition days of the tournament.  Any individual weighs in a fish in under 12” length will be assessed an 8 oz. penalty plus the loss of the illegal fish. Each fisherman is required to leave from and return to a specified checkpoint. Any team returning to the checkpoint late will be penalized at the rate of 1 lb. per minute up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes no weight will be allowed.

11. Lunker Contest: (OPTIONAL)
Based on the heaviest weight of a bass caught each day. In the event of a tie, the angler with the most fish will be the lunker winner. A random draw will determine lunker winner if needed

12. Scoring: 

The standings will be determined by the total weight of each team

13. Rankings and Prizes:
The rankings will be based on total weight. If two contestants have the same weight at the end of the tournament the prize will be split. Cash and Prizes will be determined at tournament based on number of entries and sponsors. Not all tournaments will have prizes.


14. State Tournament Qualifications:

There will be a mandatory fund raiser for all student anglers attending State Tournament. The highest finishing anglers, (2) two anglers per boat, (pending boater availability), will advance to the Tn. State Tournament (site tbd). Schools must be represented by an even number of anglers, i.e... 2 or 4. If an odd number is reached thru the qualifying tournaments, then the next highest finisher in points will be invited to attend the State Tournament. We will go down the list till an even team of (2) two or (4) four can be reached. You automatically qualify by winning an event.  


15. Points System

We will award total point for the casting contest, the paper test, and actual weight and ounces to get the student anglers total score in determination for state qualification.

GHS Sponsors Ben Boggs & Rick Johnson reserves the rights to change or modify any rules/programs at any time.