Fine Arts


State Standards

Course Descriptions

Students explore one or several art forms (e.g., drawing, painting, two- and three-dimensional design, and sculpture) and create individual works of art. Initial courses emphasize observations, interpretation of the visual environment, visual communication, imagination, and symbolism. Courses cover the language, materials, media, and processes of a particular art form and the design elements used. Advanced courses encourage students to refine their skills while also developing their own artistic styles following and breaking from traditional conventions. Courses may also include the study of major artists, art movements, and styles.
Instrumental Music Courses courses help students develop techniques for playing brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments and their ability to perform a variety of literature styles. These courses may emphasize rehearsal and performance experiences in a range of styles (e.g., concert, marching, orchestral, and modern) and also include experiences in creating and responding to music.
Chorus courses develop students’ vocal skills within the context of a large choral ensemble in which they perform a variety of styles of repertoire. These courses are designed to develop students’ vocal techniques and their ability to sing parts and include experiences in creating and responding to music.